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ADRA Bangladesh Launches Distribution of Nutritious “Euglena Biscuits” at TCEP

ADRA Bangladesh has launched a nutrition promotion program for children of its school at Tongi Children Education at Ershad Nagar, Tongi, Gazipur District. Biscuits with high nutritional value is to be distributed among each child from 24 January 2018 each day, five days a week. For an orientation on the benefits of the biscuits distributed, January 23rd 2018, TCEP shared some biscuits to children and parents present on that day; and explained the facts of nutrition and the importance to regulate intake with water.

In partnership with Grameen Euglena, this program—“GENKI Program”, is aiming at addressing malnutrition among the Children of the school by providing biscuits. ADRA Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena arranged two orientation sessions to create awareness among parents and children on 23 January at TCEP. First, orientation for parents was held to infirm them about the benefits of the biscuits for their children, how it is going to improve their health, making them more conscious about healthy foods and can solve the malnutrition problem. Second, another orientation for children were held to create awareness about consumption and to make them more conscious about healthy food consumption for better health and enough intake of water. Lastly, ADRA distributed the nutritious biscuits among children and handed over enough quantity of biscuits to the project management for daily distribution. From now on Tongi Children Education Program (TCEP) will distribute these nutritious “Euglena Biscuits” every day. This is expected to create a significant impact on their daily diet to improve their health. Country Director of ADRA Bangladesh, TCEP teachers, program staff of ADRA Bangladesh and representatives from Grameen Euglena attended this orientation and promotional session.

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