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Sports Day - Operation of Children Center in Mirpur Slum Project

February 22th, OCCMSP(Operation of Children Center in Mirpur Slum Project) had a Sports Day.

Early in the morning, every children gathered in center and were ready to enjoy Sports Day. All of staff checked and prepared the details of Sports Day program at the last time, to make the best memories for center children.

With the steering committee members’ guidance, children moved to Golartek ground and warmed up. Many special guests came from ADRA Bangladesh, the City Corporation, nearby schools and etc. Guests requested children to enjoy each program and always be safe. Then all staff and guests cut the big cake to declare the beginning of Sports Day.

Day Care class started the first game, Learning class and After School class was the next. All program were so funny and children had fun a lot. Especially children really liked to see the teacher’s game.

After doing all game, 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked children got a special prize and all children got sports day gift and food.

OCCMSP staff and guests were so happy to children’s happy faces. We hope that we can provide more enjoyable program to children.

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