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House of Hope Project (HoHP)


Location: Dinajpur

Donor: Bangla Help, Inc. The USA, Missao Crista Mundial Inc. The USA, Missao Crista Mundial Brazil

Direct Beneficiaries: 23

Total Beneficiaries: 23

Project Duration: 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2021

Total Budget: 79,338,263.00

NGO Bureau Approval Date: 11/05/2017

NGO Bureau Approval Reference No.: 03.09.0000.657.68.545.2017-130

Project Goal: 


Our main objective is to assist helpless destitute and vulnerable girls and young women and to rehabilitee them. We also intend to provide skill development or vocational training for the rescued girls and women along with the regular educational facility who are sheltered in the center.



Key Activities:



  • Establish a center/house for immediate shelter to the young girls and women 

  • Rescue the trafficked girls and women and sexually abused/harassed

  • Provide psychosocial counseling 

  • Provide non-formal education

  • Provide shelter facilities to reintegrate the community

  • Develop a panel of lawyers to provide legal counseling

  • Provide advocacy services to girls and women who are trafficked and sexually harassed.

  • Provide sponsoring support for school fees and educational material.



Project Description:


Trafficking, servitude, modern-day slavery-whichever the term, it’s about deliberate exploitation of human beings. And basically, every country in the world is affected, whether as a place of origin, transit, or destination. More than 20 million people are victims of trafficking globally, according to the UN, the large majority from countries in the developing world. The most prominent flow originates in eastern Asia, which is a sending region to all other parts of the globe.


Bangladesh is one of the developing countries in the world where the majority of the population is deprived of basic education, fundamental health, and sanitation at a large and from social security in general. Bearing such things in mind, ADRA Bangladesh through the support of WM is desperately eager to help those marginalized and vulnerable people especially the children and youngsters who are not cared properly by the family, society, and the nation.


ADRA Bangladesh through the support of WM is starting its activities for its better life and hopes to enlarge the project at its maximum capacity.


To achieve such noble goals, we have been implementing our program in different districts of Bangladesh with the partnership of other funding partners.



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