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Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words. – Ibrahim Hooper

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Relief to Rohingya Refugees

Relief to Rohingya refugees - Giving 3,900 taka ($52.00) to send package food for a Rohingya refugee family enough for 3 months.​

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Keep A Child Studyding

Children education - Giving 15,000 taka ($240.00) to keep a child studying for a year in our project. Or you can send your meal 1,500 taka ($20.00) and keep a child studying for a month. 

Sponsor A Child

ADRA Bangladesh provides education to many children who could never receive it otherwise.  Become a sponsor, send a child to school and change a life forever.

Send a email to us:

Transfer or Deposit

Citi Bank, F.S.B

Account Name:


P.O. Box 19748, Washington, D.C. 20036

Swift Code: CITIUS33

Routing #: 254070116

Account #: 17534164​

Please send us a copy of the check or bank receipt at ​

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