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Chalantika Mother & Child Development Project (CMCDP)


Location: Mirpur-7, Chalantika Slum Area, Mirpur, Dhaka.

Donor: Läkarmissionen (Sweden)

Direct Beneficiaries: Children: 170, Mother: 120

Total Beneficiaries: 855

Project Duration: 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

Total Budget: 90,560,47.00

NGO Bureau Approval Date: 10/04/2018

NGO Bureau  Approval Reference No. : 03.09.2666.657.68.38.18-163

Project Goal:


Reduce poverty by promoting child rights of the vulnerable community in Bangladesh.


Key Activities:


  • Conduct baseline survey

  • Selection and enroll new children

  • Conduct preparatory session for centered children

  • Cantered children received educational materials

  • Conduct coaching session for external support children

  • External support children received educational materials

  • Children receive Uniforms and shoes

  • Organize parents meeting

  • Enroll children in public school

  • Develop linkage with the educational institute

  • Organize yearly picnic/retreat & sports for children.

  • Children receive health checkup and clinical support

  • Growth monitoring for centered children in every six months

  • Basic health support for mother with special cases

  • Community nutrition festival

  • Organize 08 mother groups

  • Hold health session to mother

  • Hold adult literacy session to mothers

  • Established one parent's forum

  • Parents forum meeting

  • Conduct an issue-based workshop for beneficiaries

  • Day observation

  • Relation build up with legal aid organization GO/NGO’s

  • Establish one community support group

  • Organize result sharing workshop for CSG

  • Mothers are involved in children savings

  • Selected family members receive VET/IGA

  • Trained family members receive IGA input contribution

  • IGA follow-up for family members

  • Linkage with entrepreneurs/technical school for VET establishment

  • Organizing an event on linkage development for VET promotion



Project Description:


The primary focus of the proposed intervention is children development with significant attention to education, harmonizing with basic health and nutrition as well as parents’ economic growth that is aimed at sustaining the impact. This altogether will contribute to the children’s holistic growth, protection of rights, and development. The project presents a balanced support plan for the beneficiaries throughout the project tenure. All of the three areas of development chain—social care, education and training, and self-sufficiency are addressed in the proposed project.


The Chalantika slum is settled in an unsafe and unhygienic setting and consists of houses built on bamboo scaffolds set-up on the uneven wet swamp-like landscape. Proper housing, adequate sanitation, and sewerage system, as well as sufficient safe water supply,  are dreadfully missing here. Most families live in 7x8 feet to 10x12 feet houses. According to a survey conducted in 100 households prior to the onset of the center, ADRA Bangladesh found that the average monthly income of surveyed families was around 5,750 Taka (65 EUR; 2.1 EUR per family per day). Most surveyed children had not received prior schooling opportunities because their caregivers did not earn enough to afford all costs associated with school attendance. Aside from education, poor health, water, sanitation and the overall living environment in this slum has also been noted.


The project area was selected in 2010 through small nutrition projects. Now there are two projects with somewhat similar objectives in two parts of the slum. ADRA Czech Republic and Czech Embassy in Delhi support one, the other is supported by Lakarmissionen. The community has accepted the projects and participating happily. Donors have visited the area and have an understanding of the need and achievements. It is expected that the efforts from the project is successful by the end of the tenure and sustains the results as projected.

The Story of Yesmin: A Talent Struggling in Slum


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