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Avail and Access Medication (AAM)

Location: Tildanga Union, Dacope Upazila, Khulna

Donor: ADRA International and ADRA Asia

Direct Beneficiaries: 8800

Indirect Beneficiaries: 40000

Total Beneficiaries: 48800

Project Duration: 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020

Total Budget: USD 102,500

NGO Bureau Approval Date: 19/02/2020

NGO Bureau  Approval Reference No. : 03.07.0000.657.68.289.2019-230

Project Goal:

To enhance the availability of- and access to health facilities for vulnerable communities in four Wards of Tildanga, Dacope, Khulna by 2020.

Key Activities:

  • Launch boat clinic and three-wheeler ambulances services

  • Organize health rally on a special day

  • Distribute IEC materials

  • Treat patients through boat clinic

  • Link patients to local pharmacies

  • Organize health camps

  • Link patients to Upazila health complex

  • Sign agreement with CBOs on three-wheeler ambulances

  • Sign agreements with the local pharmacy owners

Project Description:

Avail and Access Medication is a new concept in the area especially those are out of medical facilities due to its’ geographical condition and long-distance of Upazila Health Complex. The intervention introducing Boat Clinic services to the villagers of four Wards of Tildanga Union under the Dacope sub-district of Khulna District. The targeted area is riverine, which has waterways around the villages. This Boat Clinic will station through areas according to the schedules and venues. The Boat Clinic has certified medical personnel to provide immediate basic treatment and linked to specialized doctors where possible. This engine boat modified with some necessary medical equipment, medicines and child delivery facilities. Community people can avail of the treatment from the boat clinic with some cost, and pharmacies linked that patients have to access to the medicines at a reasonable cost. 

The project also introducing a medical transport service called three-wheeler ambulances by road and water to carry patients to the boat clinic or other medical facilities away from their home. These ambulances are equipped with first aid kits, immediate life support with a small oxygen tank and safe drinking water. The four drivers from community people are well trained on first aid and oxygen mask using techniques during patients carrying. A minimum charge is taking the ambulance service, for maintenance of the ambulance. The local community-based organizations and local health facilities are partnering from the starting of the project to ensure ownership and sustainability of the project.

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ADRA Bangladesh has Inaugurated the Boat Clinic: A New Dimension of Medical Services for the Underprivileged Community
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