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International Labour Day 2021 and Its Significance

International Labour Day is an official public holiday all over the world in various countries. It is observed every year to pay tribute to the contribution of workers across the world.

May Day is also known as Workers’ Day or International Workers’ Day. May Day has different origin stories in different countries. However, the common theme in all countries in the labour class taking a stand against the exploitation they were subjected to.

The origin of May Day is indissolubly bound up with the struggle for the shorter workday – a demand of major political significance for the working class. This struggle is manifest almost from the beginning of the factory system in the United States.

During the era of industrialization, US industrialists exploited the working class by making them work 15 hours a day. It was only on May 1, 1886, that the labour class came together and revolted against this unjust system and asked for paid leaves, good wages, and proper breaks. This is the reason why May Day is celebrated every year.

On International Workers’ Day, people are used to coloring their flags and banners, such as independence. There are numerous events launched by International Workers’ Day to make the people know about the states and conditions of the labour in any country.

International Workers’ Day is celebrated to focus on the rights and opportunities of every labour which they should get for their own welfare and betterment.


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