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Alpona Begum Has Become Self-Reliant by Preparing Handicrafts

Many women are becoming self-reliant by making handicrafts in Gouripur Upazila of the Mymensingh district. They’re making a variety of hamper baskets of different sizes and earning a good sum of money. A 32-year-old housewife Alpona Begum has achieved financial emancipation by preparing handicrafts.

Alpona has two children and lives in Solpo Poshimpara under Ramgopalpur Union Gouripur, Mymensingh. She is a member of group number 7 of Vobanipur Mohila Unnayan Shomity. Her husband Md. Suzan Mia is a day laborer and he is the only wage-earner in their family. He doesn’t have any specific income source. He depends on sessional crops cultivation. On average his monthly income is five to six thousand taka only. Feeding and other expenses of his family comprised of four members (2 children and husband-wife) don’t fulfill by his little income.

In December 2021, Alpona Begum received fifteen days of training along with other 18 disadvantaged women members on preparing handicrafts from the Community Empowerment Project (CEP) – Gouripur, Mymensingh of ADRA Bangladesh. The aim of the training was to be skilled and enhance the capacity of the disadvantaged women who are members of the CBO so that they can engage themselves in Income-Generating Activities (IGA). This training drastically changes the story of Alpona begum as well as other learners.

Md. Mosarraf Hossain was the trainer of this handicraft training. Now, he is working as a supplier of these handicraft products. He supplies all kinds of raw materials to the producer and collects all handicrafts products from the producer. He supplies it to the respective vendor in Dhaka then the vendor exports it to different countries. “Since all raw materials are supplied by the vendor so if anyone works for the whole day it is possible to prepare 5 to 6 different types of the basket which has a market price of 400 to 450 taka (approximately 70 to 110 TK each),” Mosarraf explained the worth of the product. “Vendor demands different types of the basket at different times and as per their requirements we supply,” he added.

Alpona started to prepare different types of baskets and earn money. “After doing all the household work, I can prepare two baskets in a day which has a market price of 140 takas. On average I’m earning 3,000.00 BDT in a month by doing part-time work in my leisure,” Alpona unfolded her activity cheerfully.

As Alpona is a member of group number 7 of Vobanipur Mohila Unnayan Shomity, she is engaged with the savings and loaning process which enables her to save money for the future. “I can save a minimum of 1,000.00 to 1,500.00 BDT in a month after meeting our family expenses. It was difficult for me to bear the educational expenses of my children. I’m saving money each month for my children to secure their future. I didn’t have much savings before engaging with this income-generating activity (IGA),” Alpona described how she was able to change her life.

Alpona and her husband are very happy to admit their children to the school, ensuring enough clothes for wearing, nutritious food for eating, and meet up all necessary household demands. “We’re grateful to ADRA Bangladesh as it becomes possible only for the training support,” they showed gratitude toward ADRA Bangladesh.


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