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International Workers’ Day 2020

International Workers’ Day marks the 1886 revolt of workers at Hay Market in Chicago for their lawful rights, including an eight-hour working day. Several workers were killed in police firing for which the day was initially marked as a black day.

International Workers’ Day or May Day is celebrated to complete the struggle and to make only eight working hours of the labor. It was more than 12 to 16 hours of the work provided by the people to the workers in perilous circumstances. Due to the major working hours to the workers, many workers became wounded, ill, and had any type of problems with them. So, it was essential for the Government to focus on the working hours of the laborers. Labors were exhausted by working more than 8 hours a day and they were provided with many types of thoughts and plans to work rapidly in a better way.

On International Workers’ Day, people are used to coloring their flags and banners such as the day of independence. There are numerous events launched by the International Workers’ Day to make the people know about the states and conditions of the labor in any country.

International Workers’ Day is celebrated to focus on the rights and opportunities of every labor which they should get for their own welfare and betterment.

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