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ADRA Bangladesh received 8 volunteers from Brazil

July 5, ADRA Bangladesh received 8 volunteers from Brazil for an amazing and hard working week. First the volunteers worked at Tongi Children Education Program, a project of ADRA Bangladesh. They spread sand on the field to reduce flooding, started to build a vegetable garden to improve the students’ meals and colored the school’s walls.

They conducted a vespers Friday night with Brazilian songs, testimony and a message. During the week the volunteers set up a health fair in each education project (TCEP, CSCDP, OCCMSP, CMCDP) for the students’ guardians by checking their blood pressure, glucose test and body mass index to see if they're at risk for diabetes, giving appropriate feed back with the doctor’s help and giving a lecture about preventing heart attack and exercising.

The health fair was not just focused on the parents, but many activities were taking place at the same time for the children: telling stories, English songs, games, painting and paper folding.

The volunteers went again to TCEP for a Sports day where several games were prepared for the children, and they had a lot of fun. On the last day the teachers of all the projects mentioned received a training prepared by volunteers on ADRA’s head office. It was very helpful for all.

We are very thankful and honored to have had a great team from Berndt Wolter Volunteer Center from São Paulo Adventist Universit, working with ADRA. Derson Lopes Junior, Benedito Bertoso, Anna Cristina Ramos, Paula Antonietto, Izadora Cristina Gomez, Eunice Bertoso, Rosimere do Nascimento, Márcia Garcia-thank you all!

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